Susan is devoted to the path of yoga.  As a practitioner, she brings compelling inquiries and intelligent determination to each class. As a teacher, she is thoughtfully committed and caring toward her students.  As a friend, she has taught me about true compassion and support.

–Jennifer Brilliant, Yoga Teacher

Susan leads a fun, challenging class in a calm and welcoming atmosphere.  Her creatively choreographed sequences allow entry points for all levels of yogis.  She gives helpful feedback to her students while providing very specific guidance to get you flowing in and out of the poses.  I love Susan’s classes!  I love discovering what transitions she’s come up with to link poses together, and how she makes room for humor in her classes. She offers support when you need it, encourages questions, and provides clarification and demonstrations throughout her class.  She takes time to know her students, their needs and their strengths.  She can see when you’re ready to take the next step in a challenging pose, and will offer alternatives for those who need to take things slower.

–Alev Dervish, Public School Teacher

Susan is a caring, knowledgeable and experienced teacher. Her LOVE for the practice is self-evident and I consider it a blessing to be one of her students.

–John Griebel, retired City Worker

I’ve been attending Susan’s yoga classes for over a year and I never like to miss any of her classes. Susan is an amazing teacher who combines detailed movement with a vast knowledge of yoga.  Her energy is calming yet uplifting. She creates an atmosphere of openness and serenity. Her classes are always the highlight of my day, mixing a challenging vinyasa with mindful movements. Susan is also a compassionate teacher, and makes a genuine effort to remember the names of everyone that enters her class, paying attention to each practitioner. I hold Susan in very high regard.  She is always bringing in new and innovative work to her students. After attending one of her classes I am always left feeling more centered and present.

–Suzanne Sakharny, Speech Language Pathologist

When I moved from Berkeley to Brooklyn I needed to find someone who could accommodate my needs: late 50’s with modest flexilbilty and balance who still loves and benefits from a weekly yoga/meditation session. I found the answer with Susan. Seeing her one-on-one once a week has had a noticeable impact on my yoga skills, and even more important, it has had the expected and hoped for mind/body effect. As I always tell her, it is truly one of the high points of my week. Susan is patient, explains clearly, maintains a good pace, and has a plan that tracks progress without overwhelming. You just relax into it and enjoy.

–Richard Reiben, Attorney