Oral History

Between 1994 and 2014 I had the privilege of serving as Project Coordinator for the Dance Oral History Archive and Project of the New York Public Library. It is the largest and most comprehensive archive of its type in the world. During this time I trained both staff and consultants on every aspect of oral history practice, from transcript editing to interview techniques.  In addition, I conducted many oral history workshops and served as oral history advisor to numerous individuals and organizations, including the School of American Ballet Oral History Project and the George Balanchine Foundation’s research project, Popular Balanchine.

My publications in the field include, Dropping Breadcrumbs: Helping your Oral History Project Find its Way Home, in the Oral History Association Newsletter, and Private Lives in Public Places—Oral Histories of Performing Artists: How Much Do You Really Want to Know? in the Journal of Archival Organization, V 2, n 1-2.   My work was also highlighted in Movement Research Performance Journal’s oral history feature in April 2014.

Currently I am working on a book for Left Coast Press (draft) titled:  Documenting the Performing Arts through Oral History.   I am also available to conduct interviews, as well as to consult on all aspects of oral history methodology and project planning.  Contact me!

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