What 2spot Knows

Posted on Jun 16, 2013

My 16 year old cat, 2Spot, has achieved some wisdom in this particular incarnation. I’m not sure where she is headed in the next life, but the fact that she has allowed me to share some of her thoughts here seems like a good sign. So here we go:


Some dogs you just can’t help but admire.


The Yoga Sutras are inspiring, both for analysis and meditation, as well as for just staring off blankly into space.


Yes, the Gita is very important too, but sometimes a nap is needed.


Light on Yoga is another really useful text, but Supta Hasta Padangusthasana (which I am demonstrating) may take all nine lives to perfect.


The best gift is of yourself.


Although red ribbons are never a bad idea.


Our emotional lives offer many opportunities for practice as well.


Always have a suitcase ready. Or, if someone else’s suitcase is ready, hitch a ride.

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