In Kyoto. Longing for Kyoto.

Posted on Oct 31, 2013

On the first morning of the 10 day Vipassana meditation retreat that I attended this month at Spirit Rock in California, Jack Kornfield said, “one of the interesting things about spiritual practice is that each time you set out, you can’t know what you are there to learn.”  He was encouraging us to stay open, maintain a “beginner’s mind,” and approach our time on retreat without a set agenda. This proved to be excellent advice.  Each day in the quiet, clear, air, my mind began to unfold in surprising ways.  What was also surprising, was all the ways that...

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Already Broken

Posted on Aug 26, 2013

This summer (well, let’s just say this lifetime) I’ve been learning a few lessons in impermanence.  I have a sneaking suspicion I’m not alone in that. I lost both of my parents by the time I was in my early 30s and subsequently my family kind of exploded, and then my marriage.  Between one thing and another it felt a little like getting caught up in a rough cold ocean, and being thrown onto the shore over and over again.  Sandy, salty, shivering. To keep the storm at bay I tried to make my life smaller, safer.  My young daughter and I kind of holed up.  I tried not to need too many...

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